Mats Gies

2016 matches and statistics
OoM ranking: 204


2 matches

Cells in green are better than opponent, grey is equal. H-R win = win vs higher ranked player. H-R loss = loss vs higher ranked player.

date tournament round opponent result score average opponent checkout high h-r win h-r loss 180s
2019-01-04 PDC Tour Car... Last 256 Dragutin Horvat... Lost 4-5 N Y
2019-01-03 PDC Tour Car... Last 256 Justin van Terg... Lost 1-5 N


Tournaments: 2
Results: L2
Average: 0
Checkout: 0%
180s: 0
180s per match: 0
180s per leg: 0
180s per leg opponents: 0
Average opponent: 0
Avg. legs won per match: 2.5
Avg. legs lost per match: 5
Total legs played: 15
Lost vs higher ranked players 1 - 50%
Average total legs per match: 7.5

Match statistics

Matches with even leg total: 50%
Matches with odd leg total: 50%
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